Стоматологический туризм Турция

Why Turkey Antalya ?

Our mission is to help patients who would like to get dental treatment for a low price and to combine it with the holidays in a modern country.

Dental tourism becomes more and more widespread and popular and Turkey occupies a significant place in it. In Turkey dental treatment (dental crowns, implants, prosthesis) is of the best quality and about 70% less expensive than in Europe.

Turkey is a modern country whose industry and technologies correspond to the europeen standarts, especially in the field of medicine and dentistry.

Medical personnel in Turkey is qualified, experienced and accustomed to receive foreign customers.

Turkey is a stable and hospitable country, and the region of Antalya is particularly famous and favourite for spending vacations. Today Antalya is a tourist’s capital of Mediterranean Turkey, nicknames “Turkish riviera”. In 2011 Antalya became the third most visited city in the world, ranking behind Paris and London (10,5 millions of visitors a year). Except a very nice and pleasant climate and tender sea Antalya is full of sights and historical places.

Turkey is an advanced and developed country with reasonable prices, it’s necessary to profit from it.

The tourist agencies offer a wide choice of voyages (flights and hotels) to Turkey to Antalya for good prices.

Why Easy Dentaire?

Easy Dentaire works in the sphere of dental tourism more than 8 years, since 2006.

Easy Dentaire works only with the best, the most experienced and professional dentists and surgeons.

Easy Dentaire offers the best relation “quality – price”: the dental treatment of the best quality at prices 3 times lower than in Europe (all the materials are of the top quality).

Easy Dentaire guarantees that the dental treatment will be accomplished in the shortest possible time, to put dental crowns or implants in our dental clinic 5 days are enough (even if the cure is big and complicated).

Easy Dentaire proposes VIP service, we’ll occupy with all your transfers (airport, hotel, dental clinic) and we’ll help you in any situation.

-Easy Dentaire offers a warm reception, you will be always accompanied by a person who speaks fluent English. We propose an assistance 7/24 in Turkey, so you will feel safe and comfortable.