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To produce the crowns in our dental clinic in Turkey 1 short trip of 4-5 days is necessary. A crown is a dental prosthesis that covers a natural tooth in order to protect it from any damages.

Thanks to the crowns your teeth will be perfectly restored, strengthened and you will find the smile you’ve always dreamt about!

A crown is used for a tooth which was broken, fractured, worn out, seriously damaged by a caries or became fragile as a result of root canal treatment (devitalisation). The crowns are used also to improve the appearance if the teeth are not straight enough or it is necessary to change the colour.

Ceramics that is used to produce crowns in our laboratory is of the best quality, brand Vita (Germany).

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Bridge Of Crowns

two or more crowns that are connected together, the bridges are used to replace a missing tooth.

If you have missing teeth, crowns can become a part of a dental bridge to fill the gap. To realize it we need to use the neighbour teeth as a support.

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Ceramic/zirconium crown

A crown with the base in zirconium (oxide).

These crowns have a number of important advantages:

  • The crowns are completely biologically compatible and anti-allergic (our body accepts well this material)
  • The crowns are more light
  • These crowns are mostly advised for the frontal teeth (smiling line) because they are the most beautiful and natural.

The ceramic/zircon crowns that we are using in our dental clinic in Turkey are produced with a very modern high-tech CAD/CAM system (computer aided design).

The crowns are made with a help of special computer and equipment and it allows us to produce crowns of very high precision.

Dental Crown
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