Gum treatment of periodontitis (laser technology, curettage)

Treatment of periodontitis gums (laser technology, curettage)

Periodontitis is a tissue disease that holds the tooth in place. It is an inflammation of the gums and other dental organs (ligament and alveolar bone). Periodontitis is accompanied by bone loss which becomes the cause of a fall of the tooth. Bacteria are formed in the gums and then enter the bone. The bone that supports the tooth becomes infected and resorbs and the tooth begins to move. Sometimes you have to pull the tooth that has no decay or other problem but has lost the bone and no longer stands.

Gum disease is linked to poor hygiene of the mouth and teeth. Bacteria present in the mouth attach to the teeth, forming plaque and then calculus. It can be related to other diseases, heredity or the taking of certain drugs. Improper prosthesis or incorrect occlusion can also cause inflammation of the gums.

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Pay attention to the symptoms of periodontitis

  • Bleeding gums;
  • Bad breath;
  • “loosening” of the teeth, that is to say that the support bone of the tooth loses height, the tooth appears longer;
  • Abnormal dental mobility. This is the most worrying sign after which there is a fall of teeth.

To prevent the development of periodontitis, you must do a scaling every 6 months.

If the disease persists, laser treatments are carried out to decontaminate the gums.

For advanced periodontal disease when there is bone destruction we do a curettage to treat the pockets of the teeth (the space between the tooth and the gum).

The treatment done on time protects the oral health and preserves the bone. Long-term success depends entirely on the maintenance that will be done afterwards.

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