Frequently Asked Questions

Le monde a toujours l'air plus brillant derrière un sourire.

How is it when I arrive in Turkey?

We organize all the necessary, our attendants will pick you up at Antalya airport and they will take you back to your hotel.

Will I be able to enjoy a holiday in Turkey at the same time?

Yes of course. The appointments at the dentist will be organized in a way that you have enough free time to enjoy your stay. You can perfectly combine dental care with the holidays in Turkey by the sea.

Is the dental clinic open on weekends?

Yes, we work during the weekend too.

I speak only French, who will help me to explain myself with the dentist?

During your stay in Turkey you will be accompanied by a French speaking person who will stay close to you during the treatment and who will help you in all your steps.

What can I do in Antalya?

First of all you can enjoy the Mediterranean climate and the sea. In Antalya the sun shines more than 300 days a year and the climate is pleasant all year long. There are also many sights and historic places (the old town, the old port, the Republic Square, the waterfalls). At the same time Antalya is very modern and full of museums, shopping centers and entertaining, restaurants etc.

How many visits to the dentist will I have?

On average you will have 3-4 appointments at the dentist. Of course it depends on the type of intervention. For implantation except for the operation itself you will have an appointment for the check, to remove the threads and for testing a provisional prosthesis (if necessary). For the laying of the crowns during the first appointment we take the impressions, then you will have 1 or 2 visits for the test of the crowns and finally for the fixing.

After lime teeth will I have temporary crowns?

Yes, after the preparation of the teeth and taking the impressions we will prepare the temporary crowns (plastic). You will wear them for 2-4 days before laying the final ceramic crowns.

Where is the dental clinic?

The clinic is located in Turkey in Antalya, in the center of the city.

How many days does it take to stay in Turkey?

You have to stay in Turkey for an average of 5 days (in some cases the care can be finished in 3-4 days, in some cases it is better to stay a week).

How to organize the trip for dental care?

You have to book the plane tickets (Antalya airport). We can always help you find flights at the right price.

Who deals with hotel booking in Turkey?

You can book a hotel at your leisure. We can also give you the ideas of hotels in Antalya. There are cheap hotels for 15-18 euro per day. If your quote exceeds 3000, – euro we will offer you free accommodation in a 3 * hotel located in the center of the city.

When can you go to Turkey to get your teeth treated?

There is no time limit, you can plan your dental trip when you are available. You choose the dates that suit you best.

How long in advance do I have to inform of my arrival in Turkey for care?

In general there is no exact period. This is good if you can let us know at least 3-5 days in advance. That way we can arrange everything you need for your visit (transfers, hotel reservation if necessary, appointment to the dentist).

How much does it cost to fly?

The price of the plane ticket depends a lot on the date of your trip, the city of departure and the airline. On average the cost is 200 euro per passenger (return ticket). From some cities the flight to Antalya is cheaper (for example, from Basel-Mulhouse, Brussels or Geneva about 100-140 euro).

Implants or bridges crowns? What is better?

It all depends on the concrete situation. The bad side of a bridge is that you have to prepare (cut) the teeth next to the missing tooth. On the other hand if these teeth are not healthy (if there are cavities, if the teeth are worn, damaged and fragile) in this case by setting the bridge we can replace the missing tooth and at the same time protect and fortify the others teeth by laying crowns.

Which brand of implants should I choose?

Now there are many different brands. Our clinic works with all the brands of the most popular implants: Nobel Biocare, MIS, Alpha-Bio, Straumann, Straumann-Roxolid, Denty, Dentsply, Biomet, Zimmer. It should be noted that implantation success does not only depend on the implant brand but rather on the professionalism of the surgeon.

What is the price of a dental implant?

Prices for implants depend on the brand (producer). In our clinic in Turkey we have a large selection of implants priced from 480, – euro / per implant. It is a titanium implant of the brand AGS. We have been working with this brand for a long time and we are very satisfied.

What is a dental facet?

It is a thin ceramic plate that covers the front of the tooth and thus corrects small imperfections of the tooth.

I have a periodontitis. How is it possible to treat this gum disease?

To prevent the evolution of periodontitis, professional dental scaling must be done every 6 months. During this descaling we clean all the tartar and the gums remain clean and in good condition. If the disease persists we can offer laser treatments. We use the special laser to decontaminate the gums. There are several modes of treatment so the dentist selects the proper program for each patient according to the periodont stage of progression. For advanced periodontal disease when there is bone destruction it is advisable to curettage to treat the pockets of the teeth (the space between the tooth and the gum). During this procedure, the contaminated tissues are cleaned.

What types of crowns do they exist?

There are 2 most common types: ceramic / metal crowns and ceramic / zirconia crowns. The first have the base in metal (alloy, chrome-cobalt) and outside they are completely covered with white ceramic (metal is not visible). The ceramic / zirconia crowns do not contain metal, they are totally antiallergic and biocompatible. These crowns are translucent as real teeth so they are the most aesthetic and natural (recommended for the front teeth).

What material do dental crowns consist of? What is the quality of the products?

The crowns consist of metal or zirconia (inside, as the foundation) and ceramic (on the outside). All products are of high quality imported from Europe. For crowns and bridges we use Vita ceramics imported from Germany.

Are the ceramic / zirconia crowns as strong?

Yes, these crowns are very resistant. Inside, like the base, there is the zirconia with which the crowns are strong and robust

What is the life span of dental crowns?

On average, the life of the crowns is 15 years (between 10 and 20 years). It depends a lot on the oral hygiene, the material of the crown and the state of the dentition in general (bone condition, gums).

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