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La Clinique dentaire à Antalya vous propose tous les soins dentaires de la meilleure qualité aux prix abordables!

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Our dental clinic proposes all kinds of dental treatment of the highest quality at low prices!

The dental clinic is situated in the centre of Antalya. It’s modern and perfectly equipped to realize all kinds of dental cure.

Our team will take into consideration your medical need and at the same time straitened circumstances and will propose you the best and the most convenient solution.

We understand the anxiety of the patients before going abroad to do dental treatment.

With Easy Dentaire you will undergo the dental cure without any stress, in the atmosphere of trust and confidence.

Dental laboratory

Dental laboratory that is situated nearby is perfectly well equipped. All devices are modern and certified. We have equipment and machines for the fabrication of crowns and bridges of the last generation. All staff and dental technicians are qualified, experienced and visit different seminars to be always knowledgeable about new materials and technics.



Сhef manager (Anglais, Arabe, Russe, Turc)


Accompagnateur, interprète (Français, Anglais, Russe, Turc)

(Français) Riza

Accompagnateur, interprète (Français, Anglais, Turc)


Manager (clients anglophones, Anglais)