Our Clinic

Dental Clinic in Antalya offers all dental care of the highest quality at affordable prices!

Our Clinic

  • Our dental clinic is modern and perfectly equipped (modern dental chair, machine for taking digital panoramic radio, laser Sirona, oral camera, etc.) to perform all types of dental care (crowns, bridges, veneers, implants, prostheses, dental surgery - bone grafting, sinus lifting, cosmetic dentistry, gum care etc.).

Our medical team will take into account your medical needs and your budgetary constraints in order to offer you the most suitable solution. We always offer all possible solutions so that the treatments correspond as much as possible to the wishes and expectations of the patient.

  • We recognize that patients worry before going abroad in an unknown country to treat teeth. With Easy Dental undertake your treatment without stress, with confidence.
  • For patients who have a phobia of dentists we can use Special anesthesia - sedation. The patient will be calm and quiet during the treatment, loses track of time, does not keep bad memories care email he keeps his reflexes. The advantages: fast action, quick removal, harmless (it's a big advantage against general anesthesia).
  • Nous avons les docteurs qui se spécialisent en implantologie et les opérations sinusiennes, les chirurgiens. Nous avons les dentistes qui se spécialisent sur les soins prothétiques (couronnes, bridges, prothèses) et esthétique dentaire (facettes, blanchiment).
  • Our doctors visit seminars and conferences were not held only in Turkey but also in Europe and the United States. Our medical team is always aware of new techniques and new technologies in the field of dentistry.

our Laboratory

Our dental laboratory is located close to the clinic what allows us to save time during the production of crowns, bridges, veneers and dentures.

All the equipment is modern and all materials are certified. We have the latest generation of machines for the manufacture of crowns (these are the machines that manufacture the crowns using a laser according to 3D models built on the computer) .

The laboratory staff is experienced and qualified, our dental technicians always visit the seminars to be aware of the latest technologies and new products.


Dr. Dt. Alican Tezerisener

Surgeon, teeth and jaw specialist

Dt. Bilgin Bilgili


Dt. Didem Demir



(Head of Corporate Communications)


Guide, interpreter (French, English, Russian, Turkish)


Driver / translator (Arabic)


Manager (English speaking patients, English)


(English French translator


Сhef manager (English, Arabic, Russian, Turkish)